New Year's Resolutions: I'm keeping these for sure!

New Year's Resolutions:  I'm keeping these for sure!

What did you do for New Years?  What are you going to start doing?  What are you going to stop doing?  All questions you'll hear in the next couple of days.  Since I hate the "What are you doing for New Years", I'll skip that one.  Resolutions are always a struggle to keep beyond a couple of hours, so since they're basically fantasies and your way of telling everyone how you'd like to live, these are mine:

What I'll stop doing:

  • Laundry - With seven people living in my house, I average about 18 loads a week.  Just think of it, I'll never have to look at folded laundry in the basket that the household inhabitants were just too lazy to put away, and thought it would be a great activity for me to wash them again.  I won't have to see the dresses that were tried on, but never worn in the bottom of pile, so now they really are dirty.  I won't have to look at the shorts and tank tops mixed in with sweaters and blankets.  How do bikinis end up in the laundry when it's ten degrees out?
  • Driving - If my kids could teleport to all their practices, that would be awesome.
  • Cooking - I hate, "What's for dinner?"  I've tried to do menus.  I've tried to assign days like Chili Wednesday.  I've tried to watch cooking shows for inspiration.  Nothing works.  It never gets better.  I'll be so happy not cooking in 2013.
  • Cleaning - I'm completely obsessed with Facebook, the newspaper article on global warming, brushing the dog and eating - the minute a cleaning project presents itself - which is all the time.  Yep, no more cleaning for me.
  • Forgiving People - Forgiveness is more about me than the offender, right?  Bullshit.  If someone does me wrong, I really don't want to forgive them.  I watched enough Oprah to know I'm a better person if I let it go, but I'm not too bad with staying mad at someone.

What I'll start doing:

  • Scale shopping - I need to find a more accurate scale.  Mine seems a little heavy.
  • Wear my pajamas in public - There is no time I'm happier than when I'm in my flannel pajamas.  It's not just for college kids - I really need to start wearing them more in public.  I'll be a lot happier.
  • Be a bigger drinker - Those couples that go through a bottle of wine at dinner every night seem to have so much joy in that ritual.  My seltzer water will start getting spiked and I'm going to feel the joy too.
  • Tell people off more - There are a lot of assholes out there, and I think I need to make them aware of that more often.  I look at is as a public service for all the women out there that are afraid of what people think of them.  I don't give a crap what people think of me, so I'm good with calling a jackass a jackass.
  • Count alternative exercise - Wii bowling and anything Xbox Kinect is better than going to the gym - it now counts.  Last year I counted watching sports, so I'm making progress.
  • Talk about people - Why not talk about neighbors, friends and other parents?  People are amazingly interesting, stupid, awesome, funny and entertaining.  Why is it considered so wrong to share that information with others?

I don't want to be too much of an overachiever, so I think this is a good beginning.  I can't wait to get started - hope you're able to live up to your resolutions and have an amazing 2013!

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