Facebook Compliments Page: One rule - be kind

Facebook Compliments Page: One rule - be kind

Just when we thought our world was falling apart and there was only violence and hate in the schools --- I discovered a beacon of hope.

I was trolling around facebook when a notice popped up on my newsfeed asking me to join the compliments page.  It peaked my curiosity and I investigated.  When I went to the group, it was littered with kind things said about students that attend my daughter's high school.  I scrolled down to the very first post and it said:

"Friend me and send me a compliment about someone who goes to [our high school]!  I will post it as my status.  This is a little way to spread the kindness (:"

I love it.  It's all pretty much anonymous, and the originator tags the person that's getting the compliment so they know they have something nice said about them in the group.  You don't know who complimented you, but you do know someone had kind thoughts about you.  Staying true to their anonymity, I won't share who the compliment is going to, but I would like to share some of the words that are brightening this world:

"... is the smartest and most caring girl I know.  She is also one of the most supportive people I have ever met...I want her to know that she's beautiful, kind and determined."

"...probably has the boldest personality and it's awesome.  He's accepting of everyone and is always willing to make new friends.  [He's] always able to make you feel better no matter what.  he's an awesome friend."

"... is honestly the most understanding person anyone can ever talk to.  No matter what, she's there for you... she's changed me so much and has made me a better person!"

"... is absolutely hilarious and he's a great friend...He's truly a great guy!"

"...has one of the kindest and most sincere hearts of anyone that I have ever met...she exudes happiness and her personality shines..."

The site has been up for 13 hours so far and has generated over 800 friends.  These are the stories we need to hear.  This is the kind of information our children need to hear.  I really love this.


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