Ball Boy gets kicked by Chelsea: Sorry kid, but you're a bit of a drama queen

Ball Boy gets kicked by Chelsea:  Sorry kid, but you're a bit of a drama queen

When you first look at the video, yes, the Chelsea star Eden Hazard is the villan.  He kicked the ball boy.

However.... the story behind it is Chelsea was in a heated match with Swansea City.  They were tied 0-0 and there was only 10 minutes left.

The ball went out, the boy retrieves it, but instead of throwing it back right away, he rolls over it.  Eden Hazard tried to push the ball out to get back to the game in a hurry, and the ball boy wanted nothing to do with the game resuming.  Due to the way the scoring works, Swansea City was really up by two and it was not in the boy's best interest to get the game going.

The ball boy is 17 years old.  His name is Charlie Morgan and he's also the son of Swansea City director Martin Morgan.  I've watched a lot of soccer games, and it's not uncommon for home team ball boys to react slowly in returning balls when it's in the advantage of the home team to run the clock.  It also doesn't help his case that prior to the game, he posted on Twitter:  "The king of all ballboys is back making his final appearance #needed#for#timewasting"

Hazard was definitely wrong in getting heated when trying to get the ball back in play and it's never acceptable to kick someone.  I agree with Hazard getting a red card because of the tantrum kick, but I also think the ball boy should own up to his part in the fiasco.

Hazard is getting raked over the coals today in the media, but they both showed very poor sportsmanship.  Watching Charlie's overdramatization of the event is ridiculous.

I hate that soccer gets very little attention in sports media, but hopefully the potential for drama will pull a few more fans over.  I just wish more attention was given to the achievement of Swansea City instead of going to an overpaid soccer player and a whiny ball boy.

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