Connecticut shooting: Please tell me what to do

Connecticut shooting:  Please tell me what to do

I don't think this post is going to help you understand what happened at all.  There is no understanding.  There is no motive.  There is nothing that will make this better.  Time might ease the pain a bit, but this can't have a good outcome.

Like most people, I spent the day and night with a deeply saddened and heavy heart.  As much as I try, I can't seem to come to grips with what happened.  I scour the local news.  I flip to CNN.  I pray that I'm going to hear something that will make it all go away.

Then I start to get a little angry.  The reporters are idiots.  "How did you feel when you heard the news?"  "What were you doing when you heard about the tragedy?" "Do you think the children knew what was happening?"  "What do you think the motive is behind the shootings?"  "Why do you think this happened?"

Ok, a little harsh, the reporters aren't idiots.  They're just trying to fill time.  They're just as shocked and trying to do a job, but I don't like the questions.

Late into the night I watched Anderson Cooper.  He spent all of his time focusing on the two victims that were identified.  He talked about their life and their contributions to society.  He spent no time on the shooter.  He focused on the loss and what amazing people we would all be missing.  He also said that his future broadcasts would describe the other people that had lost their lives.  That's why Anderson Cooper is known as a great reporter.  He's placing the focus where it should be.

24 hours later.  Thousands of Facebook and Twitter posts haven't brought me anywhere close to acceptance.  Everyone is posting their stance on gun control and getting help for the mentally challenged.  They are all placing photos of support and prayers.  I get it.  No one knows what to do.  Everyone feels helpless.

This is my lame attempt to ask whoever might read this: Please tell me what to do.  I know I can't help with the pain those families in Newtown from the Sandy Hook Elementary School are feeling, but I want to do something tangible to help stop this from happening again.  I just don't know what.  Letters?  Protests?  Sit-ins?  I'll do anything.  I just need to channel this energy into something, I just don't know what that things is - I just need someone to please tell me what to do.

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