20 grab bag gifts: The Sequel

Sequels are almost never as good as the original.  With a few exceptions of course, like Harry Potter and the Prison Azkaban, The Bourne Supremacy, The Dark Knight and a couple of the Star Wars flicks.  But after my first Grab Bag post, I had a number of inquiries as to where to get some of the gifts I chose.  So this sequel will not only list my treasures, but also tell you where I found them.  I am a self-admitted online shopping addict.  I know the FedEx and UPS delivery guys by name.  During this time of year, I scour the internet for unique finds and perfect presents.  Hours of my life are wasted on a daily basis trying to find gifts that will make people laugh.  This year I'm sharing the wealth and allowing a glimpse into my warped mind and making you thankful you're not on my list as a recipient.

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