Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Golf and Tennis: Lose the skirts

Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Golf and Tennis:  Lose the skirts

When my daughter was is 5th grade, she desperately wanted to play field hockey.  She went to a practice, and absolutely loved it.  She played soccer since kindergarten, so with that knowledge under her belt, she adapted to the new game like a fish to water.

She came home one day and said, it's weird, some of the girls actually wear skirts to practice.  Why would anyone do that?  You wear compression shorts underneath, so why the extra fabric?  We were then asked to pony up cash for the game uniform and went to fitting night.  My daughter was so excited, she jumped out of the car at the front door and I went to park.  By the time I walked up, she was sulking back out of the building and said, "Let's go home.  I quit."

I was thrown for an obvious loop and couldn't stop questioning her.  The problem:  All field hockey members need to wear skirts.  She WON'T wear a skirt.  I pleaded with her, the coach, the league, everyone I could think of -- there was no budging from any of them.  The coach bargained with her endlessly, but she refused to wear the skirt.

I really wanted her to play since I could see how happy she was out there, but I had to admit, I agreed with her.  Why do girls wear skirts when boys do not?  Obviously not for field hockey, but what about lacrosse, golf and tennis?

What is the reason for skirts?  I think athletes that have always played in them say they're more comfortable - but they've never worn anything else, so they succumb to the archaic tradition.  I just think it aides in allowing people to not take these female sports seriously.

When I took up tennis, I wore white shorts.  I was told multiple times I wouldn't be allowed in the league unless I wore a skirt.  I stopped playing tennis.

Although I do have to admit that Venus and Serena Williams know how to rock a tennis skirt.  I'm pretty sure they're my only exception.

So athletic gods that set sports clothing standards, please reconsider the skirt tradition.  There are incredibly athletic girls that are turning your sports down because they won't wear a skirt.  At least make it optional - I guarantee you the majority of the serious athletes would vote to Lose The Skirts!


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