Election Predictions: Obama vs Romney, which Chia head is selling?

Election Predictions: Obama vs Romney, which Chia head is selling?

Depending on the news station you watch, the polls generally show Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in a dead heat.  When one candidate or the other is shown to be leading, it typically means a strong republican or democratic station is doing the reporting.  I decided to look at unconventional ways that predict the presidency.

Halloween Masks:  For every two Romney masks, three Obama masks were sold this year.  Prediction:  Obama

Eyebrows:  According to Grooming Guys,  The candidate with the most neatest eyebrows usually wins (the last 7 of 8 elections.)  Prediction:  Obama

Football:  According to wfmj.com, there's something called the Redskin Rule, "If the Redskins win on the Sunday before Election Day, the party that won the popular vote in the prior election will win the Electoral College in the next election.  If they lose, the party out of power will triumph."  Since Washington lost to Carolina, Prediction:  Romney

Chia Pets:  Obama's heads are outselling Romney - 69% vs. 29% respectively.  Prediction:  Obama

Height:  The taller presidential candidate wins nearly two thirds of the time.  Obama is 6'1" and Romney is 6'2".  Prediction: That means Romney will win the election by an inch.

7-Eleven Coffee Cups:  Customers can pick a blue Obama cup or a red Romney  cup and the convenience store reported that Obama-themed cups are selling 3-2 compared to Romney.  7-Eleven claims that their predictions are better than any of the polls our there now.  Prediction:  Obama

Student Mock Election:  Scholastic Student Vote!  Where kids can cast their vote for their favorite candidate using paper ballots and online voting.  Prediction:  Obama

The Economy:  Two University of Colorado political science professors have predicted the winner in every presidential election since 1980.  They look at economic data from each state and plug it into a formula that includes information about unemployment, disposable income, and per capita income.  After all their number crunching, the Prediction is:  Romney

With all these super accurate predictions, I'm sure it will be pretty easy for you to brag to your friends that you know who is going to win before anyone else.  The only question is, which accurate prediction index will you choose, Chia Head sales, or the Redskins?


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