Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

For the last segment of my Black Friday Series, I need to address Cyber Monday.  I would also like to start by saying I'm not a huge fan.  This day does NOT always have the best online deals and kind of like Black Friday, you need to do your homework to know you're getting a good deal.  However, it's the best time of the year to purchase things that never go on sale because at this time, at the very least, you'll get free shipping and probably a little something thrown in to boot.

Cyber Monday wasn't just a marketing ploy, it started because retailers noticed that sales went up considerable on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  After the Black Friday extravaganza, people went to work where their high-speed access made spending money easier and faster.  Thus, the birth of Cyber Monday.

For those that don't want to fight the Friday crowds, don't think you have to wait until Monday to get deals.  Almost all of the online retailers offer deep discounts Friday starting at midnight.  In fact most of them offer the exact same deals in the store, but you can order from the comfort of your own bed.  The following shows a number of sites you want to pay attention to right before and on Cyber Monday.  They'll help you navigate the web and narrow it down so it's not so overwhelming.

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