Momma, don't Let your babies dress up to be Hookers

Momma, don't Let your babies dress up to be Hookers

When my second daughter was in third grade, I asked her what she was going to be for Halloween.  I told her to let fantasy take over and dream big - think about what you've always wanted to be.  She gave me an answer worse than if she picked Jason from Friday the 13th.

"I want to be a bride"

Aaaahhhh.  After hours of trying to convince her to elevate those aspirations a bit, we settled on a witch.  Some people, somewhere, might think they're one in the same, but at least I didn't have to hear her say at every house - "Yes, I'm my dream.  I'm a bride."

Oh the innocence back then.  I really thought that had to be the worst costume ever.  Now that most of my kids are in middle and high school, I realize that being a bride isn't as awful as I once thought.

Once they get into college, we have absolutely no say as to what they're going to wear.  But while they're still in high school and below, PLEASE influence them to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!  All you need to do is look at Facebook for 5 minutes and realize these kids are really competing to see who can show the most skin.

Yes, the common thought is that women/girls get one day a year to dress like sluts, and once you're old enough to make your own decisions and realize the consequences that may come with that costume choice - then knock yourself out.  But parents, why would you willingly purchase costumes that cover less than a Hooters girl?

While looking at Facebook, a MOM posted pictures from a party that she hosted for her daughter.  A group of 9th grade girls were looking seductively at the camera and wearing what looked like hooker outfits.  Then I read the caption, and they WERE HOOKERS.  The mom wrote:  The girls came up with their own costumes:  too cute.  It's Pretty Woman and her best friend Kit!  I figured out who the hookers were suppose to be, but I wasn't quite sure what the cast of characters around them were, but one was more scantily clad than the next.  I read farther down in the comments that they saw Emma Roberts went as her Aunt Julia dressed in the Pretty Woman outfit to a halloween bash.  Don't love that choice either, but I totally get it, and Emma Roberts is 21.

The mom thought it was adorable and creative.  Uh, Yeah, for Emma Roberts - a little bit of a different situation there.  I really wanted to write in the comment section, "You know your daughter is not really dressing up like Julia Roberts, but the character she played, who happened to be a paid prostitute?"

I don't get it.  How could you want your daughter looking like that and then call it cute?  I know I'm fairly conservative, but what happened to teaching our kids class?  They can still get stupid and have fun on Halloween, but why go the slutty route especially when they're still minors?

So please parents, take an honest look at what your child is wearing, and even if you feel you can't control what they have on (however, you really can, since they live at your house), at least don't encourage it.  Don't shop with them for just the right temporary tramp stamp or best see-through tube top and you absolutely shouldn't post their hooker picture on facebook for everyone to deduce that the apple doesn't tend to fall far...


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