Dina and Lindsay Lohan Party Together: Ends with a 911 call

Dina and Lindsay Lohan Party Together: Ends with a 911 call

I am a truly evolved and intelligent person and prefer talk radio to pop music.  However I have a confession to make.  Instead of NPR, on occasion, I listen to TMZ.  I know it's nothing more than an animated National Enquirer, but I can't help it - with all the hours I spend in the car, I often need mindless entertainment.

However, today was my turning point.  I couldn't believe the story I heard and had to actually go online to confirm.  It's just so sad.

We've been witnessing the demise of Lindsay Lohan for years, but when TMZ reported that Lindsay went clubbing with her mom Dina last night, the destruction hit an all-time low.

According to TMZ, "It started last night when the duo went to a nightclub in New York City...(they) started arguing in the car and it escalated when they got home."  It all resulted in a 911 call and the police arriving at Dina's home.

I personally think they need to arrest Dina.  Yes, Lindsay is an adult now, but they need to arrest Dina for outrageous parenting and contributing to the destruction of her child.  This is just a train wreck that's becoming impossible to watch.  Is there anything authorities can do?  Can one of them, or even both of them be committed to a rehab program for at least a year?  There has to be some Parent Trap money left, right?


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