5 Reasons I'll never win Mother of the Year

5 Reasons I'll never win Mother of the Year

Not that I ever thought I was the pinacle of parenting, but this weekend provided me with proof that I'll never be Mother of the Year.

It started with a note home from my Kindergartener's school.  "I think you sent in the incorrect school supplies.  Your son brought in Spiderman folders and they just need to be plain.  Also, the markers aren't washable.  The wet wipes need to have aloe in them.  Next year if you pre-order the supplies, it would be a lot easier for you.  Thanks for understanding!"  Gee thanks.  If I was a better pre-planner-orderer-chopper-shopper, my whole life would be better.  But I'm not.  This gives us Reason Number One.

I spent a great deal of time at the soccer fields this weekend and my kids knew our schedule because I posted it on the door before we left.  On Saturday, we were leaving at 8 am and wouldn't return until 6pm.  I also told them I wasn't going to be a cash station and they needed to pack their own food - the pantry and fridge were well stocked.  While sitting at a 12:00 game, another parent walked up and handed my daughter a Jimmy John's sandwich.  Apparently my own child was too afraid to tell me she didn't pack anything to eat.  Reason Number Two.

While playing in a later game, my 14-year-old took a hard cleat to her ankle and after hopping around for a while, I yelled to her she's fine - go ahead and play.  She limped a little and then eventually started running again.  Later that night her ankle swelled to the size of a league baseball.  Reason Number Three.

Tournaments provide a lot of down time for the parents and we were discussing the registration process for school.  One parent asked me a detailed question about what options I selected for my two high school girls.  I just stared at her blankly and said, "I have no idea what my kids picked.  I gave them my credit card and told them they had to figure the registration process out for themselves."  The look on the other mom's face made me feel like that was Reason Number Four.

Toward the end of the weekend I was at a great, relaxing BBQ.  I only had one of my kids with me and I was enjoying quiet, uninterrupted adult conversation.  I received a text from a friend of mine that had my daughter that is a little on the high-maintenance side letting me know where they were and asking what time she should drop her off.  I told her she could keep her as long as she wanted.  In fact, the longer the better.  Reason Number Five.

So I'm pretty sure I'm out of the running.  However, in my defense, I did sit through 16 soccer games and never complained once.  I delivered everyone where they needed to be exactly on time and with everything they needed.  I'm also starting to see that even if I don't do everything perfectly, there are some signs that I'm doing something right.  Saturday night a good friend of mine sent me an unsolicited text:  "Ran into your daughter at the festival.  She was so nice to my girls and very friendly to us.  Clearly not all sixteen year olds would do that in front of their friends.  Thought you'd want to hear how great yours is."

I'd take that text over a trophy every time.

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