Thanks Facebook, for revealing Stupid Parents

Thanks Facebook, for revealing Stupid Parents

I remember some really crazy Fourth of July celebrations when I was living in Newport Beach, California.  The city closed off the boardwalk and we had make-shift parades on roller blades and beach cruisers.  It was an 'anything goes' type attitude and being out of control was the norm.  The details remain locked in my memory banks and I'm thrilled Facebook didn't exist back then.  But the thing is that even if it did, it was all good because I was single, kid-free and only answered to myself.

Fast forward 15 years and times have definitely changed, but some people haven't.  I don't want to say that once you have kids your life is over, but it kind of is.

The event that got me thinking about this happened once again on good/evil Facebook.  I jumped on the computer yesterday afternoon and one of my kids forgot to log off her account.  I swear I wasn't trolling around - it just so happened that the first photo was from a 15 year old girl and the caption was, "Way To Go Dad!"  There was what looked like a neighborhood party and the dad was standing on the patio with a friend holding a beer bong from the second floor while the dad guzzled furiously - looking like he didn't spill a drop.

What was so funny and ironic is that 15 minutes later one of my daughters asked if they could go to the beer bong house because they were having a party and their parents were going to be driving everyone to fireworks that night.

Uh yeah, here's where the good part of Facebook comes into play.  Pretty easy to deny that request.

I may be the stick in the mud parent and not as cool as some of the other parents, but as difficult as it is, I'm going to stick to my guns.  I just need some of these other parents to realize their college days are over.  Let's pick it back up again when we jump into retirement.  We'll have the kids out of the house and way more money.  We can do our bongs from the second story of our French Villa.

So my plea to parents is if you're going to act like an ass, please keep posting your photos on Facebook so I'll be well informed as to where not to send my kids.


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  • Please tell me that's the real picture you found.

  • I only wish I could -- didn't want to put my daughter on the spot :)

  • There are a lot of reasons I am NOT on FB. This is one of the only reasons why I think of jumping onboard.
    You are spot on! My kids have some friends with some real dumbass parents. This is why I always want to know where, when, who, etc.

  • In reply to mixemup:

    Exactly - your kids will only tell you a part of what's going on. It was easier when they were little because you seemed to know the other parents pretty well. Once the schools get bigger, you have to trust so much more - FB has been an awesome way get more clues about who my kids are hanging out with -- it's also a little scary...

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