Phelps loses to Lochte: He's still Extraordinary

Phelps loses to Lochte:  He's still Extraordinary

'Lochte dominates:  400 IM; Phelps fails to win medal' USA Today.  'With loss, Phelps no longer seems invincible' NBC Olympics.  'Disaster! Michael Phelps fails to medal in 400 IM' Yahoo News. 'Michael Phelps' fourth-place finish...leaves him looking ordinary'  Star-Ledger

Earlier today, Phelps competed in the 400 IM, the event he had won at the past two Summer Olympics.  He took fourth place, well behind Ryan Lochte's Gold medal performance.  He failed to medal in this event, but he is still the current World Record holder.  The media put Phelps on an unrealistic pedestal and it's almost as though they are enjoying that he faltered.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of Phelps as a person, and I was rooting for Lochte in the 400.  However, I think the press is lambasting an undeserving Phelps.  To call him ordinary is crazy.  To call any of the Olympic Athletes ordinary is an insult.

I might be a little biased because I've spent my summer driving kids to two-a-day swim practices and saw them spend a minimum of 5 hours a day in the pool and working out in the gym every single day, so I see how hard an eighth grader and a Sophomore in high school have to work just to compete on the local level.  I can't even imagine what an athlete has to do to succeed on the Olympic level.

Phelps is still amazing.  No matter what happens during the rest of these games, I only hope that the media concentrates on all of the incredible stories and successes, not the so-called failures.


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