Happy Birthday 7-Eleven! Free Slurpees for Everyone!

Happy Birthday 7-Eleven!  Free Slurpees for Everyone!

Between 11am and 7pm participating 7-Eleven stores offer a free 7.11-oz Slurpee.  The best way to celebrate a birthday is by getting great party favors - grab them while they last at 7-Eleven.  It's free without any other purchase!


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  • I am so addicted to 7-11. Arkansas did not have them when I lived there, nor do they now. Slurpee's freaked me out at first, but now I love them. Of course my favorite is the Watermelon-Lime; which I can't find anymore. :(

  • In reply to David W. Quinn:

    I loved the Watermelon-Lime too!!! Apparently no one else did because I can't find them either. I just tried the sugar-free Mango, but wasn't a big fan. I feel like a 10 year old in there because I mix the flavors as much as my kids. If I spot a W-L flavor, I'll be sure to pass the info on.

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