Facebook Should be Banned in the Summer

Facebook Should be Banned in the Summer

When kids go to school, it's expected that there will be days that your child will come home and say, "everyone was invited to Susie's party.  Everyone except me."  It's happened in my house on way more than one occasion, and it always leads to a heartbreaking weekend where I'm trying to do everything possible to distract and entertain the uninvited guest.

I loved when the summer rolled around because I had three months of my kids being normal and not worrying about who is having a party, or where they are not invited.  They had their summer friends, many of which didn't go to school with them, and there wasn't any drama or leaving anyone out.  It was like one big party and everyone was invited to everything.  No one even mentioned the kids from school.  We were all safe and happy in our cocooned summer world.

Facebook changed everything.

Although I keep the good/evil application away from my 12 and under crowd, my older kids are bombarded with pictures of the events they're missing and the friendships they're not creating because we try to lead a very simple summer.  It's one thing when they turn down an invitation, but it's quite another when they realize their BFFs are all at the beach together and there wasn't even a mention by one of them that they were going.  The photo evidence is plastered all over Facebook and the pucker-lipped photos are there just taunting my child.

Ignorance is bliss.

It's not like these things weren't happening every other summer, but it's very easy to pretend that everyone is stuck inside their basement just watching TV and not doing anything with anyone else.  Now not only am I having to worry about my kids feeling left out all summer, but I have to constantly justify my reasoning to keep things simple and not drive to other people's houses all the time.

I've tried the ban on Facebook in my own home a number of times, but with all the internet access they have everywhere, I'm finding it's incredibly difficult to enforce.  Do you think there's any way Zuckerberg will listen to my appeal and ban Facebook for the under 16 fans during the summer months?


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  • I'm really happy you wrote this because I have a case of the grown up version. I'm stuck inside for a myriad of reasons (scurrying to get the house ready in order to list, have a napping toddler etc.) but I see all these cooler moms living at the beach and the pool. BOO. I feel like I suck! Also, how do they watch so many kids at once? How is that relaxing with danger around every corner?!

    So I'm glad to hear you call it a "simple summer" and are embracing it.

    Off to my basement . . .

  • Exactly Jenna - I did write months ago about feeling like a loser because of facebook after seeing a group that didn't include me. It works for parents too. I only included teens because adults are way too evolved and secure to be bothered by those things, right?

    I'll go Facetime you from the basement...

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    What a great idea. Summer should be fun. I'll also add that I might make one exception. I work for a company (full disclosure!!) that connects kids and grandparents. They can draw, record messages, exchange pictures and write stories. Instead of dealing with the social issues, kids can instead feel the love and support of their grandparents, and have a great time. It's called www.DoubleScoop.net, and it's free.

  • Wow! This does NOT only happen to kids, but it has the SAME effect on my wife, and she's nearing 40! I have finally told her that if she wants to BE on Facebook, then she should understand the consequences! Yes, I treated the situation the same way a parent would!
    She kept saying "that's nice that so-and-so had a party and didn't invite us!" I would respond "well maybe there's a reason?" But she used to get really hurt by the same things your kids would, and I would tell her that Facebroke is evil. It's a popularity contest that I don't want to be involved in, and she should get off of it! She has learned her lesson, though she is still on it.
    Great write up! So, so true...

  • In reply to radstarr:

    Too funny! I shamefully admit that I too have very minor pangs of hurt when I'm not invited to certain outings. Facebook is evil. But it's also slightly addicting.

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    Wow...What a sad bunch of whiny babies. No Zuckerberg won't consider your request. YOUR kids are not HIS responsibility. All people have disappointments in their lives. Teach them to deal with them. Attachment Mommies don't get to shut things down just because they don't like it. You need to grow up before you can teach your kids how to!

  • In reply to Lissa Merriman:

    Thanks for the feedback Lissa. If you're a parent, I'm sure you're a really good one.

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