Sandusky Guilty: Restoring Faith in the System

Sandusky Guilty:  Restoring Faith in the System

The first word came from a tweet.  Ah, so sweet.  Sandusky found guilty on 45 counts of sexual abuse.

Since I wrote about Jerry Sandusky back in November reminding parents to pay attention, I've been drawn to the sickening case.  There are so many famous cases where it's clear that the person is guilty, but they are let go.  I was incredibly fearful that would happen in this trial.

There have been so many in recent history, but I think it's the O.J. Simpson case that has caused all of us to look at the justice system a little more cynical and assume NOTHING is a slam dunk.  I believe the O.J. case did more than just set up racial divide.  It cast doubt that the system works.  Which is particularly harmful in sexual abuse cases since those victims are reluctant to come forward as it is.

There was a janitor that testified, but primarily most of the recollections came from individuals memories from when they were younger.  No one ever believes kids or memories.  According to Attorney General Linda Kelly, "One of the recurring themes in this case was, "'Who would believe a kid?'"..."The answer is, we in Bellefont, Pa., would believe a kid."

No one really knows how many kids there are that Sandusky abused.  The numbers seem staggering - what's even worse is that with this happening for all these years, it would still be happening if it weren't for a single teenager and his mother who finally went to authorities.

There are no real winners here, and no one can actually feel good about the situation.  However, the one thing that I'm hoping comes out of this is that this verdict is the new normal.  O.J. was a fluke.  If you are a victim, hopefully this gives you the strength to come forward.  If you are a witness to a crime, hopefully this gives you the strength to come forward.

The bottom line is as a society, we need to all step up and do the right thing.  Hopefully this verdict will once again give us faith that the system works.


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  • A real problem was -- I hope it still is not-- is that when boys would finally work up the courage to say something it was often not believed, or, in the case of the Penn State Football Empire, was buried and hushed up. Sandusky was poking around where he should not have been for many, many years prior to this.

    Same as with the Catholic Church, many boys would not come forward because of the shame. How many predators of all types have gone free and destroyed lives? I know of one. If I could catch up with him today I would kill him.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    You're so right Richard on all accounts. My family has actually leaned away from the Catholic church because of the all the cover-ups with abuse. I really have a hard time understanding it and don't know how someone can turn a blind eye to these tragedies.

    Thank you for your input, you are definitely not the only one working through issues with predators - it's all just so sickening.

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