Can Women Really Have It All?

Can Women Really Have It All?

Bottle vs Breast, working mom vs. Stay at home mom, Coke vs. Pepsi

There are just certain debates that won't go away.  Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote an article in the Atlantic entitled, Why Women Still Can't Have It All.  I read it only because it was creating some buzz, but then brushed it off as a way to grab attention since this is just another way to make headlines.

We don't need a long debate on this one.  To me it's just as easy as answering the other question that no one seems to be able to master.  How do I lose weight?  Answer:  Eat less, exercise more.  It's that simple.

Can Women Really Have It All?  Answer:  Yes.  You can have and do whatever you want.  You can have an 80 hour work week, four children, be president of the PTO, serve on the local hospital board and travel three days a week.  Yes, you can have it all.  HOWEVER, if you really want it all, you have to know that you're going to be shitty at everything.  When you're at work, you'll feel guilty for missing your kid's event.  When you're at a swim meet, you'll feel guilty for missing that trip to New York.  While you're running the PTO, you'll miss the fundraiser for the hospital.

You'll make no one happy because you're trying to make everyone happy.  Wreck your family and your kids.  Put in years of work trying to get that next promotion only to be overlooked because you couldn't travel while you were giving birth.  Spend time at the PTO meeting because you're trying to make your child's future better while they're at home popping in a frozen dinner with the babysitter.

Yep, the answer is simple.  You can have it all.  But is what you end up with really worth it?


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