The Tutu Project: Simply Awesome

The Tutu Project:  Simply Awesome

Bob Carey is just a regular guy doing something simple and amazing.  There is a full story and background of the Tutu Project on his web page, but the bottom line is he's a photographer and takes self portraits of himself and all his imperfections in odd settings wearing only a tutu.

In honor of his wife Linda being diagnosed with breast cancer, he gathered his images and stories about his adventures and created the book Ballerina.  Bob plans to publish the book this Autumn, but needs some financial help "to seed the book project so it will take root and grow"

The proceeds from the book will go directly to breast cancer organizations, including and Beth Israel Department of Integrative Medicine Fund.  Bob's goal is to raise $75,ooo.

There are a few ways you can help support the efforts.  I just ordered a t-shirt and can't wait to wear it so everyone asks me, what's up with the chubby guy in the tutu?  You can also donate directly or pre-order the book.

Even liking him on facebook or telling others about the effort with help to get the ball rolling.  It's a great story, and more than that, it's a great love story.



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