Mother's Day Bust: Be careful what you wish for...

Mother's Day Bust:  Be careful what you wish for...

Last Thursday I wrote a post about how I was perfectly happy spending my Mother's Day watching my kids play sports.  I was talking about my own mom and saying I definitely wanted to spend time with her, but I love and appreciate her every day, so really didn't feel the pressure to go over the top and cancel everything on my schedule for Sunday.

Well, apparently my children and husband read my blog.

Yesterday I woke up early and rushed to the first game.  I was sweetly welcomed by my daughter's soccer coach with a large bouquet of flowers and a big thank you for being the team manager.  Hmm, starting out to be a great day.

Well, it pretty much went downhill from there.  Watched four games - three losses and a tie.  There were a couple of fun highlights thrown in such as I got to see my mom, siblings and nieces for brunch.  My last game of the day, one of the dads had a mobile mimosa bar in his trunk so I took in that last loss with a little buzz.  My oldest daughter did get me a rose and a card (although she did admit she was coerced by a friend).  My son still makes Mother's Day crafts at school, so the book he put together was absolutely adorable.  Although many pages were incomplete and the teachers wanted us to work with our children to finish them -- awesome.  I love homework.

Yep, those were the highlights.  Let's move on to the lowlights.  After the mimosa game, the kids were given roses to present to their mothers.  My daughter's coach was mad at her because I didn't register her for tryouts - I'm pretty sure we're not going back to that coach next year, so I didn't want to waste anyone's time.  So he gave her the one cracked, dead rose and said she should give that to her mom.  Gee, thanks.

Later that night I was outside talking with a neighbor and when I finally came back in, I assumed they were busy putting together a feast for me since my biggest dread of the day is figuring out what to serve for dinner.  SURPRISE... nope, nothin'.  I asked my husband what's for dinner, and he said, "Oh, we ate already."  What?  Did you save me anything?  "No, I figured you wouldn't want to eat this late."

OK then... My perfect five year old gathered the family around the living room and said, "Come on everyone, let's all give mom her presents.  Let's tell mom how much we love her!"  I then witnessed kids glancing at each other looking like they were incredibly guilty for some terrible offense.  They slowly slinked into the room as my son opened his present for me and I gushed over his artwork.  I read my oldest daughter's card and as soon as that was completed, there was complete silence.  My naive son yells out, "What's wrong with you people, where are your presents for mom?  Am I the only one that appreciates her?"  Again, silence.

I looked at my husband and said, "Nothing?"  He looked a little surprised and said, "You're not MY mother, right?"  I must have caught him off-guard because he's usually a lot smarter than that - even if he feels it, he never says something like that out loud.

I decided to give myself a gift and didn't touch one thing in the dirty kitchen and made sure I didn't even walk near the laundry room.  That was a great plan until this morning.  I woke up to a traveling husband, a mound of dishes in the sink, at least 9 loads of dirty laundry thrown around the room and hanging out of the kid's lockers and piles of miscellaneous crap everywhere.

SO... This is me, saying, YES Mother's Day is REAL.  I want Adoration, Gifts and Luxury.  I want hand made cards and notes telling me how much you appreciate me.  I want every meal made by someone else.  I want the garden weeded and everyone's laundry washed and put away.  I want a gift that isn't an appliance.  And I want everyone to tell me how great I am.

You have a FULL YEAR NOTICE.  Feel free to get started now.



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    Your family may have been thinking, "but I love and appreciate her every day, so really didn't feel the pressure to go over the top and cancel everything on my schedule for Sunday." Your husband may have been following your lead in terms of attitude toward the day, so please don't waste time being too upset about it.

  • In reply to Susan Irvine Dudik:

    Oh trust me, the irony is not lost here! Although I didn't leave any dirty dishes or laundry for my mom :)

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