How NOT to parent your troubled teen - Have you seen this video?

A friend of mine sent me this video and asked me what I thought.  At first I thought I was going to watch a witty adult finding a fun way to discipline their child.

The first thing I noticed was the cigarette.  For some reason, I just kept focusing on his cigarette instead of the words.

He starts off in the right direction, but takes a terrible turn for the worse.  I've always been seen by my kids as a fairly strict parent, but this is out of control.

She's 15.  She's going to rebel.  Aren't you glad she was complaining about having to make her bed instead of ranting about taking her drugs away?  Put it in perspective.

All teenagers dislike their parents, but they tend to get over it as an adult.  If my parent did something like this to me, I would walk out the door at 18 and never look back.  It seems to me that he drifted from punishment to revenge.

Facebook is full of chatter - People either LOVE or HATE him.

The only thing I think this video is useful for is showing my teens and asking, "And you think I'm bad?"


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  • I have been on his end of being publicly disrespected by daughter,down to I am pending as her mother on facebook.. Parents who have not been to that level of frustration or hurt will never understand why this man did what he did. I do feel he took it way to far but it is so hard to figure out a way to deal with a child/young adult that disrespects you so badly,so spiteful. In my case, I feel I should be the one packing up and leaving home but I stick around cause in my heart I pray that things will turn around soon. In all reality, the daughter looks like she learned her anger from her father. Respect works two ways, respect her for doing her chores and give her an allowance and in return you might have a better household, communicate.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I too have been in that position. I read a text written that my teenager sent to a friend and it made my stomach turn. Can she really hate me that much?
    There are many moments that I'm not sure where to turn or what step to take next, but I still believe this father did more harm than good. Hang in there Bethy924 - it's got to get better, right?

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    Really? His expectations are too high. He wants her to do all the chores in the house, go to school and get good grades and get a job at the same time. Really for nothing. I did it, it almost literally drove me insane, and my parents, now that I am 20, still treat me like a bad kid, and like a child, and my father has even stated he doesn't respect me. I am in college on my own, and he has the audacity to tell me I should be making straight A's in college when I have a 3.3. The average at Purdue is 2.8, and that doesn't include the 40 percent that drop out, and the fact that most people in my class are older than me, by as much as 15 years. Parents talk to each other more than they talk to young adults as people have children at older ages, but I always wonder when parents are going to stop asking themselves why their child isn't stooping wall street or building a nuclear reactor. Some parents expectations are completely ridiculous, and some of that ties into psychology. The point is that I have never been in trouble with the law, I make good grades in college, I am getting an internship and I am a productive member of society. Go tell this to a single mother with a real out of control child who has issues with her father walking out and lack of attention due to economic stress.
    And the you don't understand argument is for people who don't want to be understood and make excuses. If anyone thinks being an adult makes you immune to make excuses for yourself in any situation, including ones that pertain to your child, you are probably lying to yourself. People release dopamine and receive intense neurological pleasure when the stand in a position of authority, It takes more effort than "knowing you are somehow" to do anything responsibly where you have power over someone.

  • I dont think it is a helpful move by Jordan, rather his daughter might create various new problems. Even though it is difficult to deal with troubled teens, but it should be planned well to provide better parenting. Teen parenting is proving to be difficult but parents need to get more information on better parenting.

  • Yes I have also seen this video. I am also a father of 2 sons but I never made understand my son in this way. Shooting the laptop of your teen is not fine to teach them a lesson. Because of this video my son is scared of social networking. Youth parenting tips can make good relationship between parents and disobedient children.

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