Your three words: The New Year trend

Your three words:  The New Year trend

2012 is the year of three words.  If you've been around social media at all in the last few weeks - which you clearly have been, because otherwise you wouldn't be here - then you've seen requests on Facebook and Twitter for your three words.

In case you've ignored this latest craze (it was around last year too, just more trendy this year), people are asking that you pick three descriptive words to define who you will be in 2012.  We're not talking something like, Lose Weight Now, or Exercise More Often.  Dig deeper.  Pick words that inspire and motivate.  Things like Communicate, Action, Collaborate, Focus, Change.  You get the idea.

This whole exercise brings me back to my college days.  I existed in a different kind of virtual world.  I followed quotes.  I would cut out quotes and tape them around my room and car.  I read them all the time and used them in sentences to make me appear artsy and intelligent.  I'm not sure I impressed anyone, but in my mind I was living at a higher level than my non-quote using peers.

It's now at a more sophisticated level.  We're being challenged to not live by other people's words, but to create our own combination and consider how we're using these words in our decisions.  I'm not sure this will really produce higher quality individuals, but it clearly can't hurt, so I'm willing to explore my words.  Even though I think it will be about as effective as my living-by-quotes stage.

Challenge  --- Connect --- Humor

I'll spare you the detailed reasoning behind my words, but I basically just want to challenge injustices, connect with the people I'm closest to on a deeper level and do it all with a smile on my face.  I'll tape my words up now.  I hope it works.


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