Goodbye Apple Haus: It's your fault Long Grove

Goodbye Apple Haus: It's your fault Long Grove

Growing up, I remember making annual trips to Long Grove and visiting the Apple Haus.  They had giant apple pies and delicious apple cider donuts.  They've been the cornerstone for all the festivals that Long Grove hosts, and lines often wrapped around the cobblestone walkways.

Almost three weeks ago they announced they were closing for inventory.  But the new notice states they are now closing for good.  It's sad that so many of the shops in historic downtown Long Grove are closing their doors.  We live in an economy that supports innovation, technology and chain establishments.  There doesn't seem room for nostalgia.

A large part of this closing I blame on the village of Long Grove.  They want to keep the integrity of the historic village and impose impossible standards for new businesses coming in - not to mention outrageous rents for shop owners.  I'm all for keeping the historic pieces intact, but allow a Starbucks, or even a mid-end retailer and just keep the facade of the buildings.

The village is so stubborn in it's opinions in keeping the downtown as it's always been, but at what cost?  Who will we lose next, Magels, the Village Tavern, The Long Grove Cafe?

Look at long-lasting celebrities.  Why are people like Madonna, Betty White and Steven Tyler appealing to different generations?  Because they keep reinventing themselves.  It's time to reinvent yourself Long Grove.  Keep your traditions, festivals and store fronts.  Just add retailers and restaurants that people want to visit.  Do it before you don't have anything left to protect.


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  • Hi Jill and friends - I just want to say how much I appreciate your sincere concern and suggestions about Long Grove and the health of the downtown. It really means a lot to the merchants of the downtown (my husband and I have 5 stores in Long Grove!) to know that so many people care so much. The shops of Long Grove are constantly evolving and if anyone has not visited recently, I encourage them to come see the new Christmas Store, The Pear Tree Shop, dine at our new restaurant The Cedar Grill, be dazzled by the fine jewelry at Celine's Custom Jewelers, or explore the celebration of fine American Crafts at the award wining Woodland Grove Gallery. I haven't even mentioned the 4 really awesome clothing boutiques found throughout the town!

    While it is sad to see old favorites go, it only opens opportunities for exciting new stores and businesses to come to town. I think you'll be excited to know there is lots of activity in this area so keep an eye on us - we ARE evolving!

    The Village of Long Grove and many property owners have been great to work with through these difficult economic times - they are true partners with the retailers. What we all need is for the folks who love Long Grove to keep coming out and supporting the shops, restaurants and events that are open all year and that take place all year round. By doing so, we will all share in the enjoyment of a robust Long Grove for years to come!

    Thanks for Caring!

  • In reply to Gallerygal:

    Thank you for responding. One of the biggest draws of this community was the downtown area. Once Maria was elected, I really thought a lot of change would develop, but I'm sorry, as someone who lives here and passes it every day to take my kids to school, I just notice more stores closing. Why can't we bring in a Starbucks, or another big name that will bring people to gather and then allow them to walk around and see the other specialty shops?
    I truly hope the revitalization you talk about comes alive, but speaking from a large number of residents, we're all a little fearful.

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