Oh, my aching back

Oh, my aching back

Last Christmas, my ever romantic husband got me Xbox .  I love playing games with the kids, so he thought I'd really enjoy Xbox kinect.  I guess it was better than an appliance.

We dabbled in a few competitions, but it got really intense on my birthday which was in January.  We had a gaming marathon, and in my very competitive family, it got really intense.

The next morning, I felt a little bit of a pinch in my lower back, but let's be honest, every muscle in my body hurt.  Gradually as the days and weeks passed, I noticed a slight chronic pain.  By the spring, I really started feeling like life was changing.  My lower back was hurting all the time.

Strangely enough, I noticed the only time my back didn't hurt was when I was walking and active.  I turned into Forrest Gump.  During swim practice, soccer games and even watching the kids at camp, I walked through the whole thing.  My kids started yelling out, "WALK FORREST, WALK!"  I was logging on average 24,000 steps a day.

I had to start working, and unfortunately that involved sitting at a computer.  The sitting was fine, but once I stood up, I was done.  The pain was excruciating.  The source of my pain is the lower back, but it manifests itself in my rear end - it's not pretty. My medical adventure began.

Went to a chiropractor that I thought was great - later I found out that he did all the wrong things.  Went to another back specialist.  Before I had any tests done, he told me surgery was the only option.  Went to a physical therapist.  He finally told me, it wasn't working.  I should try someone else.  Went to another doctor.  He just medicated me.  It worked fabulously, but there was no end to the pills.  Went to another doctor and had an MRI.  Diagnosis:  Herniated Disc.  Went to a pain management specialist.  Cortisone shot.  No change.  Went to a back specialist recommended by a doctor friend.  He told me my only option was surgery, or suffer.  That last guy was four months ago.  I decided to suffer.

As I look at almost a full year of pain every day, I wonder if there really is no cure besides surgery.  I don't have anything against surgeons, and I know plenty of people that go through it and turn out great.  I'm just really reluctant, but am starting to believe the experts when they tell me there are no alternatives.

The smartest of all the doctors I went to see told me that eventually the body seems to heal itself.  In five years, if I left it alone, or if I did surgery right away, I'd probably end up at the same place.  It's just a matter of if I want to spend the next five years in pain.  Well, I have one year under my belt.  What's four more.  I wonder what kind of doctor I'll see next...


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  • I had the same thing two summers ago. I could sit but not stand. After moving my daughter in to summer camp, while standing at a 65 degree angle, I decided to try acupuncture. I was desperate and would have done anything at this point. After one, ONE, treatment I was 90% better and after two, I was normal again. I have not been back since. It is truly worth a shot. There is a first for everything and I am a believer now.

  • In reply to Maureen Keegan:

    Maureen - thanks for the suggestion. I've had others recommend that as well. Are you local? I have a SIL that is an acupuncturist, but she's in Maine. I'd actually like to try it, but have no idea how to weed out the genuine from the crack pots. I'd love a recommendation!

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