All that candy... now what?

All that candy... now what?

Four kids trick or treating times four hours each, equals a truckload of Halloween candy.  Last night they ate with reckless abandon.  I'm not even sure any of them had anything of substance for dinner last night - unless you count the peanuts in the Snickers.  I had no problem with them shoveling it in yesterday, but now that my house is overflowing with artificial ingredients, I'm not exactly sure what to do now.

Of course it's easy to say, just donate it all.  But in general our food is very healthy, and we never buy candy to have around the house, so I'd like them to have some of it and actually enjoy the fruits of their labor.  However, I don't think my kids have an off button and would probably eat it all in one sitting.  Every year I try something different with the distribution, but I've never really come to any great conclusions as to what to do.

This year, I had three big buckets.  One for big bars, one for their favorites and one to donate to the troops (they're collecting at Roosevelt University if anyone wants to bring their goods there).  I told them for the next two weeks, they could pick five small things, or two big bars every day.  They seemed to go for that one, but I'm not sure they'll be all that happy when they see other lunchboxes overflowing with sugar.

I have some friends that leave the buckets on their counter and say the kids just take one or two a day and are fine with that.  I don't have those type of kids.  I'm sure I created them that way by limiting their access, but it's too late now, I can't change it.

A fun holiday for sure, but I really don't like the aftermath.  I'm sure teachers feel the same way.

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