2 Free Blockbuster Express Movie Rentals

2 Free Blockbuster Express Movie Rentals

I know we waited all winter to be outside.  But sometimes this heat, and the need for my kids to take a break from the sun forces us to spend some time indoors.  A two-hour movie is the perfect length to give everyone a cool breather.  Since Blockbuster is desperately trying to compete with Redbox, it's a great time to take advantage of their promotions.

I was surprised to see that Blockbuster can't quite keep up with Redbox because they don't offer all their movies for $1 - new releases and popular movies are a bit more.  So please keep in mind that these codes are only good for the $1 rentals and you can only use one per account, so bring another person with you to the rental box!  Also, these codes expire August 1st, so use them this weekend.

Enter Code:  46JGMM2

Enter Code: 83BRAB7

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