30 Odd Action Figures

I was simply looking for an Iron Man action figure for my three year old and ran into to most unusual figurines.  I was in a novelty train and hobby store and I kid you not, there was a Jesus action figure.  Doesn't it seem odd that you would use him to battle with your Buzz Lightyear?

I also remember one year my husband got a Hillary Clinton action figure.  I told him to hang on to that one - probably a collectors item some day.  I was shocked to see how many political figures have their very own action jackson going on.  Are these for kids or adults?  If they're for the adults, what exactly are they doing with them?

I then had a quest to walk into every unusual store and hunt for unusual action figures to see what else I could come up with.  So here are some ideas in case your searching for something fun for Christmas gifts this year.


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  • Snookie doesn't even have blue eyes!! haha

  • In reply to elsanieto:

    With Snookie I think it's all about the bump it.... among other things

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