Unfriend a Friend: Why we break up on Facebook

When people you once felt close to no longer fit into the friend category, what do you do?  The conventional answer would be to just slowly back off and let it fade on it's own.  Very few people have a break up conversation and end friendships in an exact moment.

That is until Facebook came into the picture.  Facebook has an option to unfriend a friend.  In one swift click of a key you can eliminate a once treasured friend from your online life.  Or maybe not so treasured.  How can anyone have over 300 treasured friends?
Before you unfriend someone, maybe you should think twice about friending them in the first place.  I use to pretty much accept all my friend requests.  However the older I get the more discriminating I get.  I'm not sure I want
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people that went to my high school, but I have no idea who they are, rambling through my pictures.

What really got me thinking about the unfriend option is friending an ex-boyfriend.  When I read his request to be friends, I thought, Oh, that's nice, I'd really like to see what his life turned out to be.  Saw the wife, kids, wonderful house and activities.  Nice.  And although we were quite serious for a number of years, I'm living a new life and am over it.  Are we really friends?  Should we be friends?  Do I need to see updates on my wall from his wife to him saying, "I love you sweetie...I think about you all the time..".  No, not really. No unrequited love happening here, I just don't really have any interest.  Originally, it was just curiosity.  I saw what his life turned out to be - all perfect, but isn't everything perfect on Facebook?  However, I really would like to keep that chapter closed, so I think it's time to unfriend him.  We're not friends.
Christopher Sibona, a Student at the University of Colorado Denver, Business School has conducted a survey asking facebook users to determine the top reasons a person will unfriend someone. Maybe not thesis worthy by some business standards, but definitely interesting data!  The full report comes out in January - I'll be sure to keep you posted. Have you ever unfriended someone on facebook?  Are any of those reasons here?


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  • Here's another. I think I've been unfriended by my nephew and his wife for posting too many links of my blog posts. He thinks I'm spamming.

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    That's hilarious - tell him to read some, he'll definitely learn something!!!

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