Sister Wives: Benefits of Polygamy for Women

TLC has a new show called 'Sister Wives' which is a reality show about a polygamist family.  Kody Brown and his four wives insists they're a totally normal household.

Since I'm constantly taking a peek at the increasingly odd programing of TLC, I couldn't help but get sucked into this show.  I am

completely fascinated by this lifestyle (I also like Big Love on HBO).  It's not that it's anything I'd ever want to be a part of, but I just can't comprehend how it can work.  I see it, I study the interactions, I look at the family dynamics, and I still can't really understand it.  How do you let your husband sleep and have children with someone else?  How do you explain it to your children?  How do you possibly share one man?

From the man's perspective, how do you stand being around all those women?  My husband is surrounded by women in our family (four daughters) and it would be his worst nightmare to add one more to the mix.
I would NEVER be able to embrace this lifestyle either mentally or physically.  I can't even really wrap my brain around it.  But if I look beyond the obvious drawbacks, I did come up with a few reasons why polygamy might not be so bad... 

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