Glee GQ photo shoot: Have they gone too far?

The cast of Glee did a photo shoot for GQ magazine.  In my opinion, the pictures are borderline pornographic.  Sometimes the show goes a little too far, but I don't mind the edginess because they more often than not balance it with positive messages and characters

As the mother of an early teen and a preteen, I am so disappointed that these girls had to go there.  I think producers, GQ, their parents and who ever else was involved with the photo layout failed terribly.  
Didn't anyone have a voice of reason? In my opinion, these photos are just wrong - parenting teens is hard enough - we absolutely don't need to give them these photos to encourage them that this is appropriate.  Like it or not, these kids are role models and this message is just sad.  Some of the photo's are just too much to display here, but you tell me what you think... 
UPDATE:  One of the girl's from the shoot, Dianna Agron, just came out with an apology ---sort of.  She issued a statement saying she is sorry if the photos hurt you (the viewer), but she does not apologize for actually taking the photo's.  Xfinitytv has more of the statement


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  • My thoughts exactly. And, I'm a little confused. When I interviewed one of the co-creators a while back, he said:

    "ME: I have to tell you...I was nervous about my kids watching this show at first (my kids are preteens and young teenagers). But, now we watch it together and it really opens up the door to lots of discussions we might not have had otherwise...sort of like Dare Program at school, or 5th Grade Sex Ed. Did you expect that to happen? What was your target audience?

    BRENNAN: I would die a happy man if our show resulted in better communication between parents and children about difficult issues, though that wasn't our intent. We set out to create a show that people would want to watch. We then realized that we were writing a show that kids and their parents AND their college-age siblings would want to watch. We were lucky."

    Read more:

    So, what the heck changed. Unless, of course, they wanted us to communicate with our kids how this is totally bad judgment??!!

    This kind of stuff is also exactly why I don't let the kids shop at Ambercrombie...totally don't approve of the sexual photos on display at that store (and the ages of the models). Argh. Do we sound old?

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    Wait, yes we sound old? :)

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    definitely saying we're old...

  • I saw maybe half of one episode of this show. I never thought it was supposed to be a show geared toward teens. and the only people I know who watch it are in their mid 20's or older (then again I don't know many teens). Sex sells either way..and since this is not really a kids show, i think it's ok. I know you can't control your teens, but I'm sure you can talk to them about the show and they'll have their own good judgment not to go "whoring" themselves around or dressing provocatively because of this show or its photo spreads.

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    Well, it's based in high school, so you know every "wanna be" middle schooler out there is trying to watch it, if their parents let them. I do let mine, and it does open up the dialogue and they definitely are exposed to a lot of this. However, they see these kids as roll models, and it just seems like most of the teen/early 20 celebrities take this easy way out to "sell" their image. I wish they could have kept most of their clothes on and still been able to promote the show.

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    yah, I do agree with you about that. But the fact of the matter is, kids in high school have sex, dress sexy...the smart kids will know where to draw the line if they have good parents PLUS their own good judgement. The one thing I thought was weird was that one of the characters in high school was pregnant (and liKe i said before i don't watch the show so i don't know details) but I sure hope to God they portrayed it as it is in real life..hard expensive, no life stretch marks..HARD! because if they were pandering to single high school parents that would anger me more than some racy photo shoots

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