Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes

Have a halloween party this weekend?  The best and worst part is coming up with a costume.  I'm not a big fan of going to the Halloween super stores and paying a $100 for a cheaply made costume.  I love the creativity and adventure of coming up with unique characters.

I did hit an all time low one year though... One of my kid's had a costume that was quite thin and it happen to be freezing outside.  I put her in head to toe pink (had an ugly pink winter hand-me down coat), and added matching hat, scarf, gloves and pants.  Then made a sign that said Pepto Bismol and hung it around her neck.  She was only 5, so she didn't object.

I'm very fortunate to have a mother and a daughter who know how to sew well, which takes a big chunk of the effort out, but there are plenty of ideas out there that don't require sewing and will still cause the fellow party goers to gasp in admiration.  


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  • Hey, I've done the bunch of grapes thing! I love your ideas. So much more fun to do it this way. Through the years, we've done Sonic the Hedgehog (involving blue sweats), a Greek goddess (old green sheet and ring of flowers atop head, an old lady (with stuffing in the abdomen, butt, and breast areas). A lazy but cheap costume is the mask deal. My son was Hilary Clinton (donning an old suit of mine)and Obama (with white button down shirt and jeans and a handshake.

  • how did you get the thumb down there for the fingers? that is awesome!

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