Hottest Toys for Christmas 2010

Every year Time to Play Magazine comes out with an influential list of hot toys for the upcoming holiday season.  The prices of the toys seem to keep going up, but surprisingly this year the highest priced toy on the list is $69.99, and many of them are under $30.  They've reviewed thousands of toys, and have been able to let us know what everyone is going to be talking about this year.

It seems a little crazy to be talking about Christmas already, but if you look for these items now, you can avoid the rush when these items are impossible to find closer to December.


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  • Love me Scrabble. My sister and I kicked butt as a Scrabble team what if our rivals were kids. We won fair and square as far as I'm concerned. Think I'm going to have to buy that flash Scrabble...for the kids, of course. :)

  • In reply to jtithof:

    I agree - I really liked the scrabble game as well as the flat remote control cars (and you're right, for the kids of course :). I can live without the zombie Bratz wanna be dolls though...

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