30 ridiculous repair jobs

The wood on our pool table kept falling off.  My brother, the repair extraordinaire looked underneath and said, who glued it?  Why is there velcro taped under here?  And why is this one have sticky tape on it?  Is that duct tape?

O.K., so I've been known to throw things together that look O.K. on the outside, but if you blow too hard, it will fall apart.  Duct tape is my friend.  However, I'm not as bad as some of these:


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  • My favs...the sprinkler (I'm going to try that one...ours keep rusting out), the Folgers canister for the tail light (I've been riding around with red duct tape on our and it's peeling), and the window improvement to the car (don't think I'll try it but it's admirable). :)

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    I agree with you. The sprinkler is brilliant, isn't it? I'd love to see your duct tape tail light. I think that's the reason duct tape comes in so many colors...
    My personal favorite is the butt crack - like an accident - you don't want to look, but can't help it.

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    Wow, is that what I think it is? Two flashlights? LOL. Too cool!


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