20 reasons Grown-ups like Facebook

I was definitely not a fan of Facebook when it first arrived on the social networking scene.  The only reason I finally gave in and created an account was because I wanted to spy on my 13 year old.  Also, my mother had an account so I needed to see what was captivating both generations.

I started very slowly and kept writing things like, 'Does everyone see this or just you', or 'What does it mean to be offline'

Now, life has definitely changed. I find it a very fun way to connect, and am slightly addicted.  I can't tell you how many times I needed to do some paperwork, and the minute I sit behind the computer, instead of looking at a spreadsheet, suddenly the Facebook logo appears in front of me.  It's an amazing way to waste time.  

There are a great number of reasons why the crowd that is beyond college is attracted to Facebook.  See if you agree with some of these:



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  • Yes, totally agree that we can feel more productive than say watching TV, but it still is a tremendous time sucker/waster. Funny.

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