Comic Hero Makeovers - Is it for kids, or adults?

My oldest daughter went to a Halloween party last year as Wonder Woman.  It wasn't the most subtle of characters, but overall a wholesome figure - although she does wear a lot less clothing than Superman.

DC comics just revealed the "new and improved" Wonder Woman.  She still has the signature WW logo and bracelets,


They've tried to update Mickey, but the masses protested

but she takes on a much edgier look.  She's much more covered up than the original, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one. 

I wonder if companies are transforming their character's looks to get older with their "old" audience, or are they trying to appeal to a new, younger fan base?  Does it work?
When you look at them, there are quite a few animated transformations.  Are you a traditionalist, or are you glad they are updated characters as time goes by?

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