Celebrity Grandfathers...err, I mean Fathers

Kevin Costner just had his seventh child.  Her name is Grace Avery.

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  There is plenty of publicity out there for older mom's (Kelly Preston gets pregnant at 47), and the constant question of how old is too old to be a mother.  But shouldn't it go both ways?  Should there be an age limit to be a parent?  Do kids even care how old parenting begins, or is it all society driven?  

I don't think Costner is too old now, but it's difficult not to project what age they'll be when.....  Kevin is 55 and will be 60 when Grace Avery goes to Kindergarten, and 73 when she graduates from high school.  Should it matter?

Are these men taking life by the reins and living it to the fullest?  Or are they just classified as dirty old men trying to relive their youth?  I tend to lean toward the latter, but also believe there are no guarantees in life no matter what age you bring children into the world, and anything could happen at any age. 


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  • Funny. I did think that was Eastwood's wife! :) Yeah, I guess it's different for dads for me because they physically don't have to do much, but they should consider their health and whether they're going to be around for that child. Just my two cents.

  • I'm 59 with a 2 1/2 y/o son. Nothing in the world could make you feel younger. Being with him taking him with me wherever I go. It's just a wonderful experience at my age.

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