25 Crazy World Cup fan photos

The World Cup is right around the corner (2 days away)


- do you have your body paint ready?  In our house we have the schedule printed out, bets placed on games, and a list of our favorite players to watch - particularly Cristiano Ronaldo.  The games are great, but the real entertainment comes from the World Cup Soccer fans.  Painted blackhawk fans have nothing on these characters.  I'd love for soccer to win more adult viewers in the U.S. - maybe seeing how diehard they are around the world, might draw some of you in...


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  • Too funny. I wish it would catch on more here, too. Sooner or later it should what with all the kids today involved in soccer programs. They have to grow up sometime. :)

  • In reply to jtithof:

    How about it... We love watching soccer in our house. We've been to Fire and Red Star games, and it's a little sad how few fans there are.

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