Silly Bandz, Zany Bandz, Crazy Bandz, Arm Farms... the fad kids love and drives teachers crazy

A few weeks ago I noticed in the store some odd shaped wrist bands made out of rubber.  They were in the shape of farm animals, and my initial reaction was, boy are those stupid.  Well, apparently I'm no visionary.  Last week my middle child was given the bracelets for her birthday.  The other girls started screaming and saying they LOVE arm farms.

Even my 13 year old offered to trade time on her I-touch for two of the bands.  They were ridiculously giddy about them.  I couldn't believe it when my eighth grader told me that even the boys at school wear these rubber bands.
What the kids like so much about this new fad is that you can stretch these things out, wear them piled high from your wrist to your elbow.  When you take them off, they bounce right back to their original shape. 
The problem is, the teachers find them very distracting.  Not only are kids trading them at every waking moment, but they've now started using them as weapons.  Remember they are rubber bands, so they're being used as projectiles.  Schools are starting to ban kids from wearing or even bringing them on school property.  They started being banned in Long Island, New York and other schools such as Omni Middle School in Boca Raton quickly followed suit.
Well they're not banned in Chicago yet, so I decided to give in and took my 7 year old on the hunt.  Apparently they're at all the retail outlets.  We went to Jewel-Osco first.  And they had a whole end-cap put on display just yesterday and sold out before the store closed.  In the five minutes we talked with the store manager, no less then 10 kids came in asking for the rubber bracelets.  
I figured it was a lost cause and would order them online.  We stopped in Walgreens because it was on the way home on the off chance...   This never happens to me, but they just happened to put out a shipment as we were walking in the door.  Kids were ripping through boxes to get the elusive shape they don't have yet.  
We just nabbed what we could and ran to the checkout before anyone could grab our stash.  I hear the prices can get outrageous for the better shapes.  But we ended up leaving with 14 bags at $1.99 a piece.  It probably costs the company less than a penny to make each bag, but the $28.00 was worth it to be a hero in my house for at least a few minutes.
There are hundreds of shapes out there (original and imitators).  These are just a few of the amusing ones:


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  • My kids just started bringing these things home, yep, boy too. I'm with you, who would have thought....

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