Playing with the Stars

I'm pretty much a one track mind when it comes to watching professional sports.  It's all about the CUBS.  I go to plenty of those games a year, as well as a few Bulls and Bears, but even though all my kids play soccer, I've never really considered going to a professional women's soccer league game.

Two of my kids entered a tournament last week.  The U10 group ended up reaching the finals.  I didn't realize we would have to trek out to Toyota Park and play our final game right before the Red Stars (women's professional soccer) home opener.  Given our insanely busy schedule, I wasn't so sure if I was happy about that.  
What an incredible and pleasant surprise the experience turned out to be.  The whole U10 team turned out 2 hours before the game.  They were brought out to the field and the girls had a GREAT time playing where both the Chicago Fire and Red Stars play.  Some of the kids were so excited, they dropped to the ground and hugged it.
The parents sat in the stands and watched the match between Schwaben Nationals and Wilmette Wings Red.  It ended in a well fought 0-0 tie.  Unfortunately we lost in overtime penalty kicks, but we wouldn't trade our amazing experience for anything!
After the second place trophy award, we all settled into our seats and watch amazing soccer. The Red Stars have extremely talented players and it was great to see our coach explaining what was happening and giving tips to our girls throughout the match.
I can't say enough good things about the Red Stars organization.  They really want the city of Chicago to come out to support them and they're more than willing to take care of you in return.  They don't have the attitude that you're lucky to be there, instead they actually treat you as valued customer.
It was a GREAT family experience, and one that my kids said they would remember for the rest of their lives.  You can't ask for more than that!


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  • Very cool! Love that the girls got to high five the pros.

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