15 and counting

As I approach my 15th wedding anniversary, I wonder what factors help a marriage last.  Through research and real life, I found a few things that help tip the scales in favor of longevity:

Age Matters:  If you get married after the age of 25, your odds improve dramatically
Religion:  It doesn't really matter which religion you practice, what matters is that you have spirituality, and believe in something greater than the two of you.  However I did find that Catholics divorced the least, and Protestants the most.
Sharing of Responsibility:  do you, or don't you.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out
Money Helps:  According to Time, couples making over $50,000 have a 68% chance of seeing their 15th anniversary.  
Family:  Are the parents of the couple getting married divorced?  The have a bigger chance of not making it.  Oddly enough, it's the parents that keep their problems a secret and then spring a divorce on the family pass on problems to their kids.  They have trust issues, and are 14% more likely to divorce.
School:  Web MD tells us that you increase your odds of making it to 15 years by over 20% if you have a college degree
Here are some Hollywood couples that at least had some of those factors going for them...


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  • Congrats!

  • Great post. This is really interesting - seems that social plight (socio-economic status, education, etc.) can have a bigger impact on partnership than people realize. Makes you kind of reconsider the "against all odds" kind of marriage. Thanks for posting!

  • In reply to sagosto:

    Thanks Stacy - I didn't want to get into too much detail, but I also found it interesting that people with money fight primarily because of personality issues, and people without $ fight about jobs, drugs and money...
    The saddest part is it was difficult to find successful high-profile marriages! Sometimes it's good to be a nobody :)

  • In reply to sagosto:

    It may seem pretty simple, but if you enjoy being with your spouse, I believe you increase the chances of staying together. It seems there is a big difference between being together and wanting to be together.

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