I vacation at Walmart

Shutting the door, breathing a sigh of relief that you're finally on your way, and dreams of a fabulous vacation fill your head.  Well, It doesn't take long for that image to POP, because you know you forgot something.

Let me give you our current vacation agenda (at least in my mind)...  Get keys to our amazing beach house, plant myself in the chair with frivolous reading material that I never seem to get to,

dining on succulent sea food, and slumbering in cozy beds, letting the ocean sounds lull me to sleep.

Reality....  We got here before the rental house was ready, so to occupy time we went to Walmart.  Bought some food to get us through lunches and cereal for breakfast.  Get keys, go to house, and then realize it doesn't have any beach chairs, towels, or toilet paper.  Back to Walmart for essentials.  Now, I'm more of a Target girl and can be lost in there for hours, but there isn't a Target anywhere in our vicinity, so Walmart has to do.  Also, it's a pretty clean one, so not a bad deal.
Out at the beach, and It's a little more chilly than thought to be, and the clan wants warmer sweatshirts than what they brought.  Back to Walmart.
Time for bed, and realized everyone thought the other one was going to bring toothpaste.  Can't go very long without that.  Back to Walmart.
Next day, is warmer, so they want to play in the freezing cold Gulf of Mexico.  They really need boogie boards to make the experience excellent.  Back to Walmart.
Sunscreen package I bought before coming down, only included the spray stuff, so not good for faces.  The two oldest turn cranberry red after being outdoors all day.  Need facial sunscreen and aloe vera.  Back to Walmart.
By the third day I feel pretty confident that we won't need anything else.  We brought kites, and the wind was perfect.  Dear husband, thinks everyone needs their own kite to really enjoy the experience.  Back to Walmart.
We start looking for creative ways to have fun, and I come up with a great idea.  Let's have an Easter egg hunt by burying them in the sand. I got a stick, drew a large oval in the fresh sand and decided to burry the eggs until only a small speck was showing.  The problem?  We didn't have any eggs.  Back to Walmart.  (This activity actually ended up being very fun for the kids, so I highly recommend it) 
We're starting to run low on food.  We've gone through two loaves of bread and four boxes of cereal.  Boy our kids eat a lot.  I'm pretty sure I know what's on our agenda...

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