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The Man With The Worn-Out Soles: Way To Go, Rep. Sandack

The Man With The Worn-Out Soles:  Way To Go, Rep. Sandack
Tonight’s election returns were truly a nail-biter for this bloggess. As my day began, I was noodling on a blog that was titled something like, “Back, back, WAY BACK!  It’s a home run for incumbent Rep. Ron Sandack!  And the fans go wild!” As this day has drawn to a close, I spent the final... Read more »

Res Ipsa Loquitur: A Dan Proft-Sponsored Poll For Candidate Keith Matune

Polls don’t lie. In legalese, it’s known as “the document speaks for itself” when a witness clearly cannot answer the question without creating a problem for his/her case. In the case of politics, it’s the poll.  “The poll speaks for itself.”  The poll can’t lie; it’s just type font.  Type font can’t lie.  It can’t... Read more »

How The Gay-Bashing IFA Intends To Win The Primary Ball Game: #Elect An Ex-Con

Heck of a campaign slogan.  Heck.  Of.  A.  Campaign.  Slogan. So a guy decides to run for State Rep in Illinois and his qualifications include three arrests:  Larceny, Indecent Exposure and Trespassing.  It sounds like the start of a bad joke, right?  Sadly, this true story is a bad joke being played on Illinois voters. ... Read more »