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My Guilty Pleasure: Bagapalooza!

My Guilty Pleasure:  Bagapalooza!
Last night was the ChicagoNow blogapalooza.  My sincere apologies to my editor, Jimmy, and all my bloggopeers in our happy bloggosphere for missing THE event of the season! “THE event,” you ask?  For those of you who are occasional visitors to our blogworld, the event was… GUILTY PLEASURES! What’s my excuse?  That I don’t have... Read more »

1,001 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber: Dropping An F-Bomb On The Court Reporter

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Justin Bieber Dropping An F-Bomb On A Court Reporter Until now, I only had 1,000 reasons to hate Justin Bieber.  Thanks, Biebs, for giving me one more reason not to like you.  Honestly, I was never a fan of your music, but you’ve made it increasingly difficult to tolerate your behavior over the years.  You’ve... Read more »

Thanks, Arizona, for Senate Bill 1062. You Make Illinois Look Normal!

I wanted to stay out of the political fray.  Really, I did.  No good can come from publicly expressing one’s political views–there’ll always be a louder voice with an opposing view.  But the mere drafting of Arizona Senate Bill 1062 one begs — pleads for — nah, it screams for a response from the great State of... Read more »

Why Hallmark Doesn't Make A Card For National Court Reporting and Captioning Week

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Stenographer Defined Ask a stranger walking down the street to define what a court reporter is and you’re likely to get a weird response.  Otherwise known as “stenographers” — we hate that — or as Dom DeLuise referred to our profession in this YouTube video, “stenos.”  In truth, the general public is challenged to describe... Read more »

How many typos does it take to make a court report ntus?

How many typos does it take to make a court report ntus?
Court reporters are an intense bunch.  I’ve often wondered why.  Recently, I had a revelation and the why has been answered.  Last fall, I entered the classroom to teach within my own profession, and this experience has given me an interesting glimpse into court reporters’ psyches and how it all begins. Few people know (even... Read more »

How The Internet Has Changed Us, Not Always For The Better

The advancement in communication is a marvelous thing, isn’t it?  I mean, we can Skype in with friends and family around the globe, catch up with our childhood buddies via Facebook, and feel the instant gratification of reaching out to others via text and e-mail.  Today, we don’t even have to go out on our... Read more »

A Court Reporter Loses It On The Floor Of The House. And your point?

For nearly 30 years now, I’ve borne witness to batshitcrazy behavior in the legal industry.  If I even remotely believed that using the words “batshitcrazy” and “legal industry” in the same sentence had the potential to offend attorneys, I’d strike them from my vocabulary.  Alas, every attorney (judge, paralegal, legal assistant, law firm receptionist, law... Read more »

Les Estats-Unis Is Closed! C'est la vie!

OMG, these days living in Les Etats-Unis is almost like living in France.  Without an Eiffel Tower.  Or Italy.  Without La Scala.  And tonight, I’m experiencing a crazy back-to-the-future moment. It was the summer of 1998.  THE love of my life and I were traveling in France.  Our trip started in Paris just a week prior... Read more »

Finding Inspiration: How To

My fiftieth birthday is fast approaching.  That means I’ve now spent more than half my life in the legal system.  No, not the penal system, although at times I do feel as though I’m a lifer, with no parole date on the horizon. Those of you familiar with my blog know that I’m a court... Read more »

Syria, Let's Talk About It

I haven’t blogged in a while now.  Why?  I’m freakin’ busy here, man.  And not with court reporting.  Polling.  I’ve been swamped with polling.  Political polls.  And they’re very tricky.  Why, you ask?  Because political polls involve math.  And math is a very complicated sport for me. What, you ask, is the topic of my political poll?  Syria. ... Read more »