Why I'm Harshing On Keith Matune

Why I'm Harshing On Keith Matune

Because running against an incumbent on anti-gay marriage platform is actually an anti-inclusive platform.  Isn’t it?

For me, the question of whether the Republican Party is ready to change to a party of inclusivity will be answered by the 81st District in Tuesday's primary.

A particularly nasty battle for a State House seat has broken out between incumbent Republican Rep. Ron Sandack and challenger Keith Matune, both of Downers Grove.

It was Incumbent Sandack’s desire to help modernize the Republican Party in Illinois by voting for gay marriage last November that seemingly outraged the old social conservatives and ignited a firestorm.

To be sure, the only folks who are against this issue are party hard-liners.  And changing one’s position, as Sandack has done, doesn’t represent what Matune calls flip-flopping on an issue.  Indeed, it’s indicative of one legislator’s desire to cast a vote that actually reflects the views of his constituency.  (Novel, I know.)

What’s really interesting is that this divisive battle that Matune and his backers have decided to wage—a campaign in which he calls into question his opponent’s integrity and, it would seem, his sexual leanings, by allowing his supporters to send out manipulative flyers (see featured image)—has unearthed some pretty damning evidence about his own integrity.

Sandack wasn’t lying when he made the brave choice to cast a ballot that would positively affect the lives of Illinois residents.

In contrast, Matune has shown voters who is not to be trusted as he unsuccessfully attempts to explain his own past indiscretions.

We mainstream voters assure you politicos that merely changing one’s mind to vote the conscience of those you represent is not seen as flip-flopping.  Rather, it’s what many of us have been longing for—the desire for our lawmakers to take social issues off the table so they can shift their focus to fiscal ones.

And really, this voter can't even understand how who marries whom can be an issue.  I mean, if you're against gay marriage...don't marry a gay.  Problem solved.  Now, can't we move forward on issues that really matter?

For those who have just joined this discussion, the same-sex marriage bill in Illinois passed with just one vote to spare.  The support of Sandack and two other Republican House members was key.  God help us all if the 81st District elects a voice of exclusivity into a party that really is trying to modernize.


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