The Man With The Worn-Out Soles: Way To Go, Rep. Sandack

The Man With The Worn-Out Soles:  Way To Go, Rep. Sandack

Tonight's election returns were truly a nail-biter for this bloggess.

As my day began, I was noodling on a blog that was titled something like, "Back, back, WAY BACK!  It's a home run for incumbent Rep. Ron Sandack!  And the fans go wild!"

As this day has drawn to a close, I spent the final hours alternating between watching election returns and Googling the recipe for a shit sandwich, the one I'd be eating as the challenger's camp clicked their champagne glasses.

As it turns out, neither blog is appropriate.

What is appropriate, however, is a sincere congratulations to two candidates, both of whom ran tough campaigns that didn't end as pollsters and pundits would have predicted.  There was no landslide victory in the race for that House seat in Illinois' 81st District.

Which invites, of course, a blog for another day, "Voter Apathy:  How We Let Ourselves Down When We Don't Show Up."

The final image on my computer screen tonight looks like this:

Candidate Votes Total vote percent
Keith R. Matune 6,365 49.9%
Ron Sandack 6,393 50.1%

Precincts reporting: 100%, Last updated: March 18th 2014, 10:55:19 p.m. (Courtesy of Chicago Tribune Online)

Big Shout-Out to Ron Sandack!  You gave it your soles!  Go do great things for your District, and for Illinois.

(I was so exhausted, I forgot to post!)







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