Res Ipsa Loquitur: A Dan Proft-Sponsored Poll For Candidate Keith Matune

Polls don't lie.

In legalese, it's known as "the document speaks for itself" when a witness clearly cannot answer the question without creating a problem for his/her case.

In the case of politics, it's the poll.  "The poll speaks for itself."  The poll can't lie; it's just type font.  Type font can't lie.  It can't manipulate.  What can be manipulated, though, is how the poll is obtained.  Or I should say "who" creates the poll.

Recent polls have incumbent Rep. Ron Sandack behind challenger Keith Matune for a House seat from the 81st District of Illinois.  That's Downers Grove, Naperville, Woodridge, et cetera.  One important question to be asked is, Where did this poll come from?  Dan Proft.  It's a name to be remembered in Republican politics.  (Think Cicero, Illinois.)

In layman's terms, a self-sponsored poll is nothing more than slick advertising.  It's like me saying, "I'm the best _________(fill in the blank)."  And then you say, "Says who?"  And I say, "Says me."  And you say, "That's all ya got?"  And I say, "No.  I called everyone I know who likes me and asked them.  And they said, 'Yes, you're the best.'"

So I did a nonscientific poll.  All things being equal, my poll is as reliable as the Proft Poll.

I called or e-mailed as many people as I knew in the 81st District and asked if they knew about the dog fight in the upcoming primary, Ron Sandack v. Keith Matune.  Every one of the people I spoke with knew what I was talking about.

And then I asked the all-important question, "Would you be comfortable telling me which candidate you're going to choose?"

My poll revealed a landslide victory for Sandack, who they have seen at train stations and walking door-to-door in their neighborhoods.  Some admitted to knowing the guy personally.

"And Keith Matune?" I asked.

One person informed me that he was alone at a train station one morning.  Another reported that he had a whopping 25 people show up for his fundraiser last of whom were his family members.  All said they would not be voting for him for a variety of reasons.

Res ipsa loquitur.

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