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I am going to call this tough love, baby.

I had an idea. After a 10-27 start to the season, I was going to break out the old stand by for you White Sox fans. I was going to break out the 2015 Cubs. Yes, we’ve been through this many times. I know 93% of White Sox fans hate the Cubs, but 98% of... Read more »


32 games played. 9-23. One fifth of the season is over. We know what we know. The Sox will not contend this year. Yoan Moncada, Lucas Giolito, and Reynaldo Lopez are going to go through the struggles young players go through. Matt Davidson, Adam Engel, Tim Anderson, and Moncada are going to swing and miss... Read more »

I have become a pessimist.

The Depth issue. As a White Sox fan, I like and value RF Avi Garcia and 1B Jose Abreu. I admire how Garcia battled through injury and adversity to finally exhibit his talent over a full major league season in 2017. I am awed by the consistency Abreu has shown since his rookie year with... Read more »

What if the unthinkable happens?

What if Moncada doesn’t work out? It’s something no White Sox fan wants to even momentarily consider. But it’s out there, looming like an enormous gray rain cloud over an idyllic picnic in the park. The face of the White Sox rebuild, fair or otherwise, is Yoan Moncada. In the first big move of the... Read more »

A fictional conversation with Rick Hahn in a Bridgeport tavern.

Disclaimer: This conversation never took place, hence the word fictional in the title. This author just wants to incorporate his White Sox and some (lame) humor in the same word space. Amen. I told White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn to meet me at a Bridgeport bar to discuss the state of my favorite baseball... Read more »

Who remembers Rickey Henderson? I hope one White Sox offers a reminder.

Yolmer Sanchez got the nod for the Sox in the Cactus League opener this afternoon against the Los Angeles Dodgers at the spring training complex they share in Arizona. Is Sanchez the guy the Sox will go with in the lead off spot for the majority of the season? It’s hard to tell, and it’s... Read more »

What holes in the White Sox farm system?

The White Sox have one of the best minor league systems in baseball, if not the best. Don’t believe me? MLB Pipeline and Fangraphs have six Sox prospects in the Top 100. Baseball America has five Sox prospects in their Top 100. Four players are on every list (Eloy Jimenez, Michael Kopech, Alec Hansen, and... Read more »

Where have you gone Common Sense, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you

I had intended to write about the holes in the White Sox minor league system today. Despite a farm system with good arms (Michael Kopech, Alec Hansen, Dane Dunning) and big bats (Eloy Jimenez, Zack Collins), there are depth issues at certain positions that could be filled by a shrewd 2018 draft or by eventually... Read more »

Do you keep Carlos Rodon?

It appears I was actually correct this time. Jose Abreu and Avi Garcia are staying put on the south side. I like them both, but in my humble opinion, the White Sox would be better served trading them for additional prospects. The Sox have a great farm system now, but it isn’t perfect. Despite all... Read more »

Jose Abreu and Andrew McCutcheon, Avi Garcia and Randal Grichuk

I have been adamant and consistent this offseason. I like Jose Abreu and Avi Garcia. I like Abreu’s consistency and stoicism. I like Garcia’s hustle and persistence. Despite this affinity, I think they both should be traded. Abreu has two seasons of control left, and he’ll be 33 in 2020 when the White Sox are... Read more »