A question, a statement, and a befuddled blogger

The question: Why did we draft Nick Madrigal? The statement: We are set in the middle infield. The befuddled blogger: What?! I have heard and read this question and this statement repeatedly since the White Sox drafted Oregon State 2B/SS Nick Madrigal Monday night. I don’t understand either one. Madrigal batted .333/.380/.456 as a freshman... Read more »

The uncertainty and possibility of the Major League Baseball draft

The MLB draft is Christmas Day, your birthday, and your first day of college all rolled into one big, ridiculous ball of optimism. First round draft pick Nick Madrigal is going to be the next Dustin Pedroia, second round draft pick Steele Walker is going to be the next Lenny Dykstra (minus the multiple arrests... Read more »

The State of the White Sox (another fictional conversation with Sox General Manager Rick Hahn)

Disclaimer: The following conversation did not take place. It is a figment of this author’s limited and (arguably) humorous imagination. There is probably a better chance of Jesus giving me a carpentry lesson. Since the last conversation took place at a Bridgeport bar with an Old Style sign swinging from a couple rusty chains above... Read more »
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Taking inventory (and the band known as Yoan Moncada and the 8 Question Marks)

  As I remember it-the frigid days of late March and early April are a distant memory-this was the starting nine for your 2018 Chicago White Sox: LF Nicky Delmonico CF Adam Engel RF Avi Garcia 1B Jose Abreu 2B Yoan Moncada SS Tim Anderson 3B Yolmer Sanchez C Wellington Castillo DH Matt Davidson Well,... Read more »

Major League Baseball and the folks involved in it.

Try to follow along. The path is circuitous. Detours abound. In one recent game against the Pirates, White Sox television play by play guy Jason Benetti wished reliever Tony Watson was still on the Pirates (while reliever Kyle Crick was in the bullpen) and mentioned something about DNA. I went to Google, and apparently James... Read more »

I am going to call this tough love, baby.

I had an idea. After a 10-27 start to the season, I was going to break out the old stand by for you White Sox fans. I was going to break out the 2015 Cubs. Yes, we’ve been through this many times. I know 93% of White Sox fans hate the Cubs, but 98% of... Read more »


32 games played. 9-23. One fifth of the season is over. We know what we know. The Sox will not contend this year. Yoan Moncada, Lucas Giolito, and Reynaldo Lopez are going to go through the struggles young players go through. Matt Davidson, Adam Engel, Tim Anderson, and Moncada are going to swing and miss... Read more »

I have become a pessimist.

The Depth issue. As a White Sox fan, I like and value RF Avi Garcia and 1B Jose Abreu. I admire how Garcia battled through injury and adversity to finally exhibit his talent over a full major league season in 2017. I am awed by the consistency Abreu has shown since his rookie year with... Read more »

10% of the 2018 White Sox season is over.

Let’s take an inventory of things. I’ll put my degree in Education to good use with this KWL chart. What we knew before the season started. What we wanted to know going into the season. What we’ve learned so far. Knew: We knew the starting pitching was going to be rough. James Shields hasn’t pitched... Read more »

What if the unthinkable happens?

What if Moncada doesn’t work out? It’s something no White Sox fan wants to even momentarily consider. But it’s out there, looming like an enormous gray rain cloud over an idyllic picnic in the park. The face of the White Sox rebuild, fair or otherwise, is Yoan Moncada. In the first big move of the... Read more »