To my 19 readers-I'm about to be really negative

I think this would be called a diatribe by doctors, writers, and people well versed in road rage. Kind of like a new strain of Tourette’s Syndrome triggered by Donald Trump’s visage or voice. I don’t like Jason Benetti’s esoteric references.  I don’t know anything about vaudevillian films, The War of 1812, or the definition of property... Read more »

Is there a sabermetric for patience?

White Sox fans, how much patience are you going to need for this rebuild?  Is 2020 ok?  Is 2021 doable?  What about 2022?  Is that too long?  Ya know, embarking on a rebuild doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to eventually be successful. Are Sox fans reluctant to consider the possibility that the rebuilding might culminate in... Read more »

A Nightmare on 35th Street

Before I get started, how does Eloy Jimenez feel about not getting called up before or along with Michael Kopech, who will be starting for the Chicago White Sox in about 36 minutes from this writing? Jimenez is hitting .326/.374/.580 with 21 home runs, 69 runs batted in, and 48 extra base hits between Double A... Read more »
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Is Tim Anderson in charge of teaching the young Sox how to hustle?

I learned of Tim Anderson not hustling through three different mediums in less than one week’s time. I wasn’t able to watch the game between the White Sox and the Royals when he failed to run out a line drive to third that the umpire thought had been trapped rather than caught. On MLB Network’s highlight show, I... Read more »

Two daydreams and a recurring nightmare

It’s a breezy, overcast Sunday afternoon, and I feel my eyes getting heavy.  Through the dissipating fog of the onset of a daydream, I see former White Sox second baseman Julio Cruz lay down a perfect sacrifice bunt, and I realize it’s 1983.  There’s shortstop Scott Fletcher, moving a runner over from second base to... Read more »

Sox fans, get EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the dog days, I guess.  Last season it seemed like there were a smattering of entertaining games, but I suppose most of those were before the 2017 trade deadline, when Jose Quintana, Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Melky Cabrera, Anthony Swarzak, Dan Jennings, and Todd Kahnle were still around.  Now here we are.  The... Read more »

We are halfway through Year 2 of the rebuild...

What do we know? Jose Abreu is in the midst of a slump that has lasted well past a month.  His career batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage line is .295/.352/.514.  In 2018, the line is an unAbreu-like .253/.311/.441.  What does this mean?  Whether it’s the old Rick Hahn ‘leadership’ line or not... Read more »

We need assets

I have read and heard about the supposed depth in the Chicago White Sox minor league system.  I have also read and heard that the Sox can’t get rid of Jose Abreu because of his leadership qualities, which apparently amount to those of George S. Patton, Che Guevara, and Cesar Chavez combined. Trading Avi Garcia, who... Read more »

Is this our Elite Eight?

When a professional sports team is rebuilding, the general managers often refer to their ‘core’ and structuring a team around it.  For the Chicago Bulls it’s Lauri Markkanen, Kris Dunn, and Zack Lavine.  For the Chicago Bears it’s Mitch Trubisky, Jordan Howard, Leonard Floyd, Akiem Hicks, and Roquan Smith.  For the Chicago Cubs it’s Anthony Rizzo, Kris... Read more »

Dylan Covey and a comparison that makes me happy

Another dreaded Cubs rebuild comparison.  Sorry. I know 86% of White Sox fans hate frequently revisiting it, but it’s helpful as a barometer. The 2016 Cubs won the World Series approximately five years after they hired Theo Epstein to ignite a nuclear bomb on the organization’s infrastructure and rebuild it all from scratch. While there... Read more »