To my 19 readers-I'm about to be really negative

I think this would be called a diatribe by doctors, writers, and people well versed in road rage. Kind of like a new strain of Tourette’s Syndrome triggered by Donald Trump’s visage or voice.

I don’t like Jason Benetti’s esoteric references.  I don’t know anything about vaudevillian films, The War of 1812, or the definition of property law within the common law legal system (it’s the area of law that governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property, land as distinct from personal or movable possessions, and in personal property-I Googled it). Just call the game in front of you. White Sox fans take little interest in how bright you are. 

I don’t like when Benetti argues with Steve Stone about modern valuations of players; Benetti’s sabermetrics vs. Stone’s assessments based on visible performance and playing the game the way it should be played.  Stone played in the major leagues for 11 years.  He won a Cy Young Award.  He has called a million major league games.  Don’t argue with him, just solicit his opinion (especially on pitching) and listen.

I don’t like the fact that Jose Abreu is still a member of the White Sox.  I like Abreu, and I value the contributions he’s made to this team.  However, the injuries to several of the Sox’ top prospects (Eloy Jimenez, Michael Kopech, Luis Robert, Dane Dunning, Micker Adolfo, Jake Burger, and Zack Burdi) clearly indicate this team needs minor league depth.  The time to trade Abreu was in the offseason, even if Rick Hahn had to unearth talent in another organization’s system.  Now, coming off multiple injuries, Abreu’s stock is down heading into his final year of team control.

I don’t like the idea that the Sox may have been swindled by Boston in the Chris Sale trade.  The rumor just before the trade was consummated was the White Sox wanted Andrew Benintendi and the Red Sox said no.  Instead the White Sox received Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, Luis Basabe, and Victor Diaz. 

Kopech is out until 2020 and the likelihood is we won’t know who Basabe and Diaz are in the grand scheme of things until 2020 as well.  That leaves the current Sox second baseman.

Simply put, if Moncada continues to look acutely indecisive at the plate (especially in two strike counts) and demonstrably uncomfortable at second base, the Sox have an enormous public relations problem.  This is the face of the Sale deal, fair or not.  It is possible the Sox will come up empty in return for the best left-handed pitcher in baseball (yes, better than Clayton Kershaw).

I don’t like how all four Sox broadcasters, television and radio, try to sell Tim Anderson as the next Derek Jeter.  I have eyes. I am not blind.  Don’t tell me I’m looking at a Cadillac when I know I’m looking at a Ford Focus.

I don’t like that I just read Baseball America in the bathroom, and I found out the Sox have two minor leaguers on the Minor League All Star team.  There are first and second team All Star rosters, totaling 30 players.  Only two of them are White Sox.

I know rebuilds are hard, but I also know what successful rebuilds yield.  The north side team.  The Astros. The getting there part is ugly. White Sox fans know, we’re in the midst of the ugly, and I guess I’m ok with that.

The question is, will the ugly end?

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