10% of the 2018 White Sox season is over.

Let’s take an inventory of things. I’ll put my degree in Education to good use with this KWL chart. What we knew before the season started. What we wanted to know going into the season. What we’ve learned so far. Knew: We knew the starting pitching was going to be rough. James Shields hasn’t pitched... Read more »

What if the unthinkable happens?

What if Moncada doesn’t work out? It’s something no White Sox fan wants to even momentarily consider. But it’s out there, looming like an enormous gray rain cloud over an idyllic picnic in the park. The face of the White Sox rebuild, fair or otherwise, is Yoan Moncada. In the first big move of the... Read more »

The 8 guys that need to offer season long proof.

Note: This blog post was written prior to Saturday’s game. A couple weeks ago I wrote about what the Rick-Ricky patience level might be for a certain group of White Sox. Will they prove they are definitely a part of the young contingent that should be around in 2020 when the Sox go 136-26 and... Read more »
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Shortest blog post in blogdom history

Subtitled:  Every contending team needs a pitcher with a nasty streak like Pedro Martinez. So Josh Donaldson, he of the stupid mohawk haircut that never looked good on anybody not named Mr. T, gets to make a kissing gesture/whistle blowing gesture/zipped mouth shut gesture at the Sox dugout after his home run and nobody (Danny... Read more »

Stream of consciousness stuff

Whatever comes to mind. Go. Let’s rename it, man. Gone is MLB, the acronym for Major League Baseball. How about SOHRB or Strikeout Or Home Run Ball? Do you like this juiced ball nonsense (I am obviously from the school of the extremely biased blog)? We spent all this time and effort to read the... Read more »

Panicked and irrational and over caffeinated on Opening Day!

This is being written during the White Sox season opener against the Kansas City Royals! I was going to write about the exhilaration of Opening Day, at least that was the plan this morning. The green grass, the anticipation, the smell of hot dogs, the perfectly raked infield dirt, the hope, the remembrance of Opening... Read more »

Patience is a virtue, maybe.

Just a little patience, yeah some more patience, yeaaaahhhh I’ve been walkin’ the streets at night, just tryin’ to get it right… You know you liked that song. Whatever. Let’s get down to brass tacks ladies and gentlemen, White Sox Nation (or White Sox State or White Sox County-it’ll probably be White Sox Nation when... Read more »

At least we aren't grossly overpaying our guys (except Shields, but the Padres are picking up most of that mess)!

At least we’re cost effective! It’s not the best marketing slogan, but it’s honest and direct. The White Sox might not compete in 2018, but it doesn’t seem they have any grossly overpaid players outside of James Shields (who we traded Fernando Tatis, Jr. for if you were not aware). We are in the ‘let’s... Read more »

14 players, 14 (or so) questions, and please tell two Cubs to be quiet.

I think White Sox fans like you and me have been conditioned to think beyond 2018. We have Michael Kopech coming (there I go with ‘we’ again-trust me, I realize I’m not actually a member of the White Sox organization), we have Eloy Jimenez coming, we have Luis Robert coming, etc. However, as fans, theoretically... Read more »

A fictional conversation with Rick Hahn in a Bridgeport tavern.

Disclaimer: This conversation never took place, hence the word fictional in the title. This author just wants to incorporate his White Sox and some (lame) humor in the same word space. Amen. I told White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn to meet me at a Bridgeport bar to discuss the state of my favorite baseball... Read more »