Breaking News! Almost everyone Manny Machado knows has been hired by the White Sox!

Disclaimer:  This article is completely fictitious and simply a manifestation of the frustration of one blogger who thinks Rick Hahn is a blue blood financial analyst disguised as the general manager of the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox have signed 1B/DH Yonder Alonso, Manny Machado’s brother-in-law. The White Sox have signed OF Jon Jay,... Read more »

I think this only affects 19 people, but if the White Sox sign Manny Machado, I am going to stop writing this blog.

Good Evening.  The first spring training game is less than 50 days away (February 23rd against the Dodgers), and the White Sox are no closer to an A.L. Central title than they were when they finished the 2018 season with a 62-100 record.  Tim Anderson is stuck in neutral, Yoan Moncada struck out 13,000 times,... Read more »

New Year's Eve 2018 and no A.L. Central title in sight

I have not had anything to drink.  These are the ramblings of a White Sox fan living a nightmare.  While the rest of White Sox Nation (all 17,091 judging by this year’s attendance; more a township than a nation) suffers from the media driven delusion that the rebuild is an inevitability, I stand angry, bald,... Read more »
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What is the White Sox core, and is it too early to be building around it?

I titled this blog post because that’s what pseudo-writers do, they title things.  It’s like gift wrapping or a table spoon of sugar in your coffee rather than a teaspoon.  It’s somehow superfluous and necessary at the same time.  The reason I prefaced this article with a rambling explanation for the title is because I... Read more »

Trades not made...

Let’s take an inventory. If the 2019 season were to start today, the Sox would be starting a 4th outfielder in left field (Nicky Delmonico), a 4th outfielder in center field (Adam Engel), an oft-injured former top prospect that missed 69 games last year in right field (Avi Garcia), and a back up infielder at third base (Yolmer Sanchez).... Read more »

Trades, those made and those not made

Year 3 of the rebuild is upon us.  Is it too early for reflection and assessment?  Of course it isn’t!!!  So let’s get started! The Big Trades: Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox for 2B Yoan Moncada, P Michael Kopech, OF Luis Basabe, P Victor Diaz Jose Quintana to the Chicago Cubs for OF Eloy Jimenez,... Read more »

Why Bryce Harper?

In this White Sox offseason on Thanksgiving Day, I want you to ask why? Why sign Bryce Harper?  Let’s make an easy assumption.  Although there were murmurs of owner collusion last year because some free agents didn’t get paid the way they expected to, Harper has nothing to worry about. Let’s peg him for 10 years... Read more »

Random winter thoughts about 2019 and beyond...

I am speaking for me because I am the only person I can speak for. I am a devout Sox fan, and I do not want Manny Machado sitting next to me at Sox Park eating a hot dog, much less playing shortstop or third base for my favorite team.  Any guy that says he... Read more »


A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. I have no idea what our White Sox are going to do to prepare for 2019.  I assume Rick Hahn is putting on a brave face and pretending he knew all along everything was going to look like it does in... Read more »

Many more questions than answers

Please allow me to channel the energy of every White Sox fan, from Bridgeport to Bridgeview, from Calumet City to Rockford.  I want to take responsibility for what you’re feeling, all your frustrations, and all your angst.  I’ll do my best to shape your emotions into questions, free of profanity and relatively free of accusations. ... Read more »